Mason Klein Exclusive Interview – Dakar Dreams – Kove Honda KTM and More

Ayup everyone

well today we have something very special, and bear with me because it is the first time I have done an interview like this.

Mason Klein made a big impression on the biker community this year with his battle to get to Dakar, and I wanted to get to know the real Mason Klein more, I asked and was graciously given time to interview him. It took us a while to organise it, but after his recent trip to Brazil we finally managed to fit it in.

I will say now that this was before the Zhang Xue resignation so there is no comment about that.

I am also introducing 2 other fantastic Youtube channels I have begun working with too. You will hear from them later and we will be doing some projects together at some points.

There are a couple of short sections where the audio was terrible. We were working with a telephone recording in a barn across the Atlantic and then Mason’s phone died at the end too so we had a relocation.

I hope you enjoy it, and that it gives you a better insight into Mason Klein and his future endeavours.

Try not to forget to like the video and leave a comment if you enjoy it, and do go take a look at the Rally with Mason channel and show him some of the support he deserves. I will link it in the description below.

I will be doing more with Mason as time progresses and if you have any questions you would like answered, leave them in the comments.

Anyway, enough chatter, I am going to go straight into the interview.

Well, I hope you enjoyed that open and honest look into the life of the real Mason Klein and I will leave you with some footage to watch. I do look forward to hearing your comments as always and it does help with the youtube algorithm so let me know your thoughts.

Thanks for watching and thanks as always for the all the support and donations.

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I know it is a departure from my usual videos but it was an opportunity to see the real person behind what was a heroic effort in the Dakar this year.

Remember, keep your spanners close, and your keys even closer.

Ride Free everyone.

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