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Adventure Rider Centre 2017

This was my 2nd visit to the Adventure RIder Centre after missing a year with an injury. 2 friends joined me and we were all competent riders with mixed off road experience and abilities.

Adventure Rider Centre

First the people. Baz, Kaz and the rest of the team couldn’t have done more,
Like coming home to real friends, Kaz collected us from the airport with the biggest smile and despite the flight arriving early she was still waiting as we arrived. The hotel is great too and the pool perfect after the rides. Mijas Pueblo is lovely, voted most beautiful ‘White Village’ in Andalucia more than once. We had left time to explore the village more this time which was great.

As usual the Adventure Rider Centre provided the best kit from companies like Klim, Acerbis and others. We were all well fitted out for the rides very quickly thanks to Kaz and Nicky. Everything was made very easy.

We got our choice of bikes from a great range. Husqvarna Two and Four Stroke bikes right up to the top of the range were available, so there is always something to suit everyone. With bikes chosen and bars adjusted for each rider, we were ready to go, kitted out ready for anything and filled with tea and reassurances.


To The Riding

We joined a guy who was a proper demon off-road on day 1. Baz adjusted difficulty to cater for us all though. He still got to push himself while I at times chose the less frantic climbs and drops.


We were all pushed well past comfort zones. At one point 2 of usand had to spend some time recovering as were totally drained after a particularly difficult section.

Adventure Rider Centre

Watched and guided by Baz and Steve as always. We were tested to our limits over and over again by our hosts.

Adventure Rider Centre
As always your bike control amazes me Baz.

Baz took us to a “Bowl” to practice jumping in the afternoon and I have to say I was totally out of my comfort zone. I tried, but that will take more Baz tutoring time i think. It doesn’t help when I have one knee that won’t happily support my weight anymore.

Adventure Rider Centre

My DR600 and KLR600 don’t tend to take off so easily. The Husqvarna’s even make my Cagiva W12 seem heavy in comparison. As usual help and advice were always on hand.

Adventure Rider Centre

See you again soon im sure 🙂

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