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Harley Davidson FXDX Scotland Trip and Review

I decided to take the Harley Davidson FXDX on a trip to Scotland. Sometimes life can feel very crowded and I needed a break. An old friend had invited me to stay at his cottage on the north shore of Loch Fynn, so I loaded up the Harley and set off.

After 2 hours of motorway riding the weather was great so I decided to take to some smaller roads. I have fond memories of the North Pennines so I took the road to Middleton-in-Teesdale. The road climbs quickly and I took the route towards Garrigill. Next stop was for a quick cup of coffee from my flask at Couldron Snout waterfall. No one in sight and glorious sunshine made it a great place to stop. The waterfall definitely is worth a look.

The Harley Davidson FXDX Is A Joy To Ride

Harley FXDX Fully Loaded
Harley FXDX Fully Loaded

The single track roads made the next part of the journey a joy. The big V-Twin has a comforting throb and the masses of torque launches you out of every corner. Without the luggage the FXDX is one of the lightest of the big Harley Davidson V-Twin. It’s twin disc front brake makes a real difference, but the fully adjustable suspension is what makes this bike such a joy to ride. The mid pegs suit my riding style much better than forward controls too. It makes for a much more comfortable ride with less weight on my back.

I followed the old roads past Brampton and across the border, then joined the motorway near Gretna Green. The road was clear so I just opened the throttle and was approaching Glasgow before long. This motorcycle does love open roads. A quick stop at Helensborough and on to the cottage.

Arriving At The Cottage

When I arrived I couldn’t believe it. Such an idyllic cottage was just what I needed. I looked out across the Loch towards Otter Ferry and breathed in the fresh air.

The Harley Davidson FXDX Outside The Cottage
The Harley Davidson FXDX Outside The Cottage

This picture is overlooking Loch Fynn, on the Ayreshire Coast, a glorious ride on a gorgeous day.

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