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Laverda SF2 Rebuild

A while ago now I took on a Laverda SF2 total rebuild. The bike hadn’t been on the road since 1979. It came as a collection of random, mainly unmarked, oily boxes. This will be possibly my biggest challenge so far, but I will get there. I will ride it one day and it may become the pride and joy of my collection.


This bike has fought me every inch of the way so far. From finding parts to rebuilding 40 year old components, it has been hard work at every turn. At least it is now finally on 2 wheels, and looks more like a motorbike. This is some of what i collected when the Laverda arrived.

Step By Step

Work done so far has been interrupted a lot, but step by step the Laverda SF2 is getting closer. The Ceriani front forks have been polished and rebuilt. Front brakes have had new discs and the calipers have been rebuilt and finished in black and red heat proof enamel paint. Various other bits have been polished and all the switches rebuilt. I wasnt happy with the rear indicator support bracket, so I made one from scratch. The rolling chassis is now assembled at least in part. I am rebuilding the original Laverda SF2 Ceriani rear suspension, so i can probably replace the newer units with the originals.

Laverda SF2 Front Forks

The Carburetors have been sonically cleaned and bench tested but will undoubtedly need some tweaking when the engine is running. I have finally got the gear change working right too. It took a while but I got there in the end.

Slow Progress On The Laverda SF2

Progress on the Laverda SF2 has been slow for many reasons. The engine was compression tested, flushed and had a new sludge trap with magnetic filter fitted. Eventually I found a replacement rev counter too, but it wasnt easy. I had the frame powder coated and any alloy bits, including the engine, were polished.

The indicators have been a challenge. I had one pair of early round back alloy CEV indicators which are made beautifully, but I simply couldnt find any more. The Indicators actually fitted to most Laverda SF2 model years are a different CEV unit, but they are chrome finished plastic and I just wasnt happy with the quality. Eventually I opted to fit some Stanley units on the rear. They were fitted to many 70’s bikes and including the CB750. They have alloy bodies, look right and the build quality is better than the CEV units.

Laverda SF2 Front Wheel
Laverda SF2
Laverda SF2 Rear Wheel

The Latest News On The SF2

I did get some more work done on the Laverda SF2, but it has been slow progress. I eventually opted for a complete new wiring loom. Thanks go out to Wolfgang Haerter and Grant Duguid for all the help. I replaced the primary chain and the carbs were eventually soda blasted to thoroughly clean them.

I have redesigned the exhaust system to replace the original collector box. A friend helped me make 2 link pipes and these have been ceramic coated with the original downpipes. I opted for Norton Commando silencers in the end.

The Laverda SF2 Lives

Finally I feel like I am getting closer. The bike runs now. There is still have plenty to do though. I have new points and condensers to fit and need to replace the oil pump drive gear. There was a pair of the original square design petcocks in one of the boxes too, but one of them was leaking badly. Wolfgang sorted me out with the seal kits and that is one of my next jobs.

I will keep adding to the post as I make more progress.

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4 thoughts on “Laverda SF2 Rebuild”

  1. Your website is absolutely beautiful! The design is sleek and elegant, and the layout is user-friendly. The content is engaging and informative, making it a pleasure to browse through. Overall, your website is a fantastic representation of your brand and showcases your professionalism and dedication. Great job!

  2. Hello.My question is about the original rear Ceriani shocks for the SF2.I have a pair that I want to rebuild and would like to know where you get the new seals from please.
    Thank you

    1. I just got them from a seal specialist, think it was possibly Robush or SKF but away at the minute
      they are a fairly standard size, if i remember right they are double stacked for some reason, but i am working from memory and thats not always accurate lol
      if someone has written Laverda on the advert theyll be 4 times the price so just buy the size needed
      all you need is inside diam, outside diam, and seal depth
      anyone who says different, just say yes mate and walk away lol

      just checked and Robush was the exhaust isolator mounts so itll be SKF

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