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My Triumph Daytona 955i

I brought my Triumph Daytona 955I in 2013, 5 years later; it is sat in the garage in a sorry state while I have collected some parts and recovered from a crash at Cadwell Park. Not my best moment.

When I first got the bike, I wanted something I could ride, but also take to track days. The Daytona seemed to fit the bill, as I wasn’t ever going to be fastest, and the character of the engine suits my riding style.

Before taking it on track, despite its relatively low mileage, I decided I was going to go from wheel to wheel checking, servicing and re-torquing every bolt, fitting frame sliders, deciding to try my first “whole bike” paint job, sorting out the fuelling with a new longer free flowing exhaust and power commander, and a run on the Dyno at SPS Ruddington. The result, we got it up to 120bhp at the back wheel!!! As this is a 1999 series 1 955i, this is a 15bhp increase over the official crank measured factory specs. All achieved without having to resort to the higher compression pistons of the later engine. 120bhp and a mountainous torque curve was enough for me J .

As it had a custom paint job, now after sorting the mechanical damage (which was actually fairly small), I have the job of matching up and repainting the new panels and putting her back on the road. It’s not a top priority for me, as I have other projects on, but over time I will post bits of progress and show you the bike as it is refitted.

daytona wheelie cropped

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