cagiva w12

Cagiva W12

A new member of the family, this was one of those impulse buys :-). A blue Cagiva W12 350cc single in remarkable condition. Owned by an Italian who had loved and cherished it for years, I just loved its simple design. I have always had a liking for Rotax engines, and so it has joined the rest of my family of bikes. As I finish it and take it out, I will post more. If it is as good as I think, it may even take the place of my KLR. Who knows 🙂 .

For now here is some footage of me paying in the woods. I will write about it and post more soon. The Cagiva W12 is a fantastic little bike. So easy to ride off road and it does OK on the road too for a dirt bike. The 350cc rotax engine is great and it revs freely right up to the redline if needed. In the mud it just plods along.

Ground clearance is significantly better than the KLR600 and for any solo riding it is perfect for me. Finding parts hasn’t been easy, but so far I have managed.

More videos and tales from the dirt to come.

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