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My Suzuki Vstrom DL650

I brought my Suzuki Vstrom in 2010, 11 years later, it has become a faithful friend. I call it my general dogs-body because it really will do whatever you ask it too. It has Crossed rivers, climbed mountains and is a capable Adventure Motorcycle. Often weighed down by a passenger and luggage. It has never let me down and never complains. Even when I took it to Cadwell Park for my very first track-day it was great fun.

Crossing The Border From Spain into North East Portugal

When I first got the bike, I had been Rear ended at a junction on my old KLE500. The bike was written off and I had a holiday already booked, so I had a look around and the VStrom and Versys 650’s seemed the best “Do It All” solutions.

My Suzuki Vstrom DL650 above abergwesyn 3

The Suzuki Vstrom Was So Comfortable

I wanted something I could ride every day, but also take on holiday with full luggage, and I did want at least some off-road ability. The VStrom came up top, Fitted with an Ally bash plate and full engine bars it looked ready to go for me, and the seat comfort was a real joy after the KLE.

So it started its life with me, touring around the Yorkshire dales. From shale tracks to muddy lanes, it took everything in its stride (something I would come to expect). Even with Full luggage set and a pillion, nothing seemed to strain it.

As with all my bikes, there have been upgrades and customisation. But that will always be my way. I will go into more of those at different points in the future.


Suspension Upgrade

The biggest single upgrade was to the suspension. The standard suspension is fairly good for a stock bike. But with the constant changes from 2 up fully loaded to solo with no luggage, I wanted progressive’s instead of the standard Dual Rate springs. I looked at various options, but decided on one you may not have heard of, Yacugar. You will undoubtedly have heard of White Power Suspension though. There is an interesting link, but that is a story for another day.

Suffice to say, fitting the progressive springs meant everyday riding was more comfortable, off-road handling more precise, and fast road riding was sheer pleasure.

There will be many photos and videos past and future to be added over time. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed creating them.


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