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Stromtrekkers, The Legacy

This is the story of a few Vstrom riders coming together for an adventure. First, a thanks go out to Hutchie, a true gent, does anyone know where he is these days? Last seen disappearing into the Highlands. It was him who began the whole idea after all.

There are two other Vstrom Adventure blogs from Stromtrekkers 2 and Stromtrekkers 3. Just follow the links to see what we got up to.

A Vstrom Adventure

It began in Derbyshire, a few Vstrom riders with local knowledge and a penchant for getting off-road on our Vstrom’s. Each year it grew, until it just got ridiculous, where i use names, they are the names we used on the Vstrom UK Forum. Riders came from as far afield as the Highlands of Scotland and even Germany.

A Ragtag bunch with little on their minds other than riding as much as possible, and including as much Off-road lunacy and single track lanes as possible. Hopefully without too many breakages, we hoped J. Much of this will be in other peoples words, interspersed with comments from all involved.

I will keep adding to it as i can.

Join Us

Why not join us at the BAREBONESMC forum on Facebook. It gives you FREE access to a helpful group of riders and mechanics from across the world. The group began in the UK but has now become a worldwide phenomenon. So whether you are buying, selling, or simply want advice, there really is no better place to go for anything motorcycle.

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